Carpet Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning is a highly reputable and review company in Orange County. We offer all carpet cleaning services, and we are located in Irvine California. 

We use a 5 step process to achieve the best carpet cleaning results.

1. Pre Assessment of the carpet cleaning approach

2. Applying the correct green carpet cleaning solvents

3. Applying Our Deep Carpet Cleaning Pressure, coming from a strong steam cleaning machine. 

4. Repeating the process where necessary.

5. Confirming with our customers that we have satisfied their needs.

We offer Irvine Carpet Cleaning Solutions, green carpet cleaning solutions, and travel and serve Orange County carpet cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Green Upholstery cleaning is a highly demanded service in Orange County. We, Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County, are a leading force in all green carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Orange County.
We are located in Irvine California. We offer deep steam upholstery cleaning solutions to all of our customers, also we offer same day carpet cleaning and same day upholstery cleaning services.

After many months, and sometimes years of heavy usage on your comfortable couch, you normally notice it has gone dirty and it is itchy and less comfortable. Therefore, Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County, now serving amazing upholstery cleaning specials around Orange County. Upholstery cleaning Irvine is served every day around. Call and make an appointment now. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning Irvine is now offering a new service, High Pressure Air Duct Cleaning. Our professional and highly trained team of carpet cleaning technicians offering air duct cleaning in Orange County. In Particular, Green Carpet Cleaning Irvine, serves on same day notice, Irvine Air Duct Cleaning. If you have just started using you furnace or A/C again, it is time for you to deep cleaning you air ducts. years of dust have accumulated in your vents and it is time to call a professional air duct cleaning Irvine company. 

We have the top of the line air duct cleaning equipment and solutions. we use the Rotobrush to deeply penetrate you air duct vents, and solve the allergy issue you have suffered from, with our Irvine Air Duct cleaning solutions. Call us today for more information. 

Green Carpet Cleaning Irvine

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